One-on-One Mentoring with VDY

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is an internationally respected teacher and coach who has guided hundreds of students and clients to personal and professional transformation.

She is the CEO of Beautyway Productions, founder and spiritual director of Sunray Meditation Society and Sunray Peace Village, and the author of 108 Quotations: A Treasury of Mystical Wisdom, Voices of Our Ancestors, and Learning Cherokee Ways - The Ywahoo Path.

Her life has been dedicated to awakening wisdom and inspiring exponential growth for the individuals and communities she works with.

One-on-one mentoring with Venerable Dhyani is an opportunity to see and transform the appearance of obstacles to your happiness and success and fulfill your life's purpose.

One-on-One Mentoring

Do you wish to completely change your mindset so that you can accomplish what really matters to you?

Do you need help finding your life path?

Are you ready for the world to see the amazing being you are?

Programs include private coaching sessions, small group classes (live or recordings), personalized study materials and *free access to selected in-person events. (*Blue Sapphire Program Only)

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