Exploring 2020 & Beyond
New Year’s Intentions class with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Planting the Seeds of Good Cause and Rewriting Our Stories

Saturday, 1/11
1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific
1 hour

Participate via video livestream or by phone.
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Life being a dance, like the movement of the spirals in space that give rise to galaxies, the heart song within us is a song that is resonating with the heartbeat of the earth and carries the tone of our own thinking, our own speech. Vibration, light, sound, and all appearances arise from this luminous potential.

As we consider this coming year think how we want to bring forth joy into our lives, what we choose to accomplish. This is the opportunity.

What do we intend for the coming year? Understand that as you have an aspiration through the energy of magnetism, you literally move towards it. Sometimes we think the future is off in the distance when the truth is, in this very moment, we are shaping the future.

What do you aspire to? Do you wish for greater joy with family and clan, a new understanding of your heart and your life purpose, or the realization of your natural wisdom state? Whatever it is you are envisioning for your year, your consciousness magnetizes it and invites it.


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