The Song that Births the Future

A year long exploration of the electromagnetic field of the heart with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

All appearances are moving energy potential.

Heart resonance gives birth to what we see now, transmuting yesterday and revealing the awakened beings that we are.

Heart resonance reminds you that what you feel are waves of information and your attention upon the information that is liberating is the gift of actualizing JOY.

What are the stories we tell ourselves and how do they change?

With heart resonance there is a way to reflect the change.


A precious opportunity to learn and explore with Venerable Dhyani on a regular basis
 and ask questions in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

1x per month
February to December 2020
10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern
All sessions are 75-minutes.

Participate via Zoom video livestream or by phone

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Tuesday, February 18
Pacify, Purify, Energize and Do it

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Pacify the concepts that conflict with your ideals which are a seed of awakened mind within. Purify views and reactive states through confirming your intention to express harmony and skill through transformation of conditioned response. What is your identity? Who you think you are is peeled away as heart resonance is revealed.

Tuesday, March 17
The Greatest Warrior Has No Weapons

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Learn to be steadfast in sweeping away thought forms of enemy, clearing the mirror to see there is no other. Explore the Bodhisattva as a courageous being who wars on ignorance of self and self-ideation. Cut through the ideation of self and other, ideas of superior/inferior. Explore the celebration of Friends Making New.

Tuesday, April 21
All You Need is Love

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love nurtures. Love is an electromagnetic process where the dream arises as the forms we experience in life. Learn to harvest the wisdom potential within all situations. Make forgiveness in the now and experience freedom from limitation as future aspirations are untethered from yesterday’s response. Experience heart resonance: the song of love, an electromagnetic field of exploration. The song in our hearts resonates through time and space - love in the now restores our ancestors’ song through realization and expresses luminous potential of futures we choose to weave.

Tuesday, May 19
Water is the Key

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Investigate how water is a song and a key: emotions, thoughts , vibrations, ripples on the lake - sweet waters nurture the view arising of clarity. Ripples on the lake reveal the open sky as the inner voice affirms the power of voice and thought and the wisdom of good relationship. Explore how sweet waters sweep away the dust of confused view and nurture the seed of wisdom. Learn how water imbued with a song, a prayer, is the key that nurtures realization that we all drink from one stream.

Tuesday, June 16
The Feminine Archetypes

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Explore how wisdom is a feminine stream. Juno, the feminine aspect of Jupiter = expansiveness and growth. Learn how the wisdom stream experienced within is the feminine electromagnetic field through which potentials arise. The teacher is within - while someone may point the way, all appearances are reflections of one’s heart mind awareness.

Tuesday, July 21
Hidden Streams of Awareness Nurture Abundance

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Explore the hidden streams and how to invite the sweet waters of awareness to arise from deep within the Earth. Learn to nurture the wisdom potential for a harvest that nurtures communities and co-operation. Hidden streams nurture abundance through care and appreciation. Springs are called forth when people show appreciation. Springs will hide when love and care is withdrawn from each other and the land.

Tuesday, August 18
Drought is Averted with Love

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Observe how new forms of leadership flow into lakes of co-operation and how together, we build communities of collaboration. The masks fall away and spiritual sovereignty is recalled. Heart resonance energizes growing aspirations as co-operation and mutual respect. Learn to take the staff of clear intention in your hand as you explore new paths of family, clan and nation building.

Tuesday, September 15
Recognizing the Wealth of Co-operation

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Offering thanks, choose the seeds that have proved their fecundity. Celebrate and prepare for the winter’s inspiration. The truth is, corn grows with love as relationships are our greatest treasure - the voice of invitation and co-operation nurtures a harvest of joy.

Tuesday, October 20
The Harvest of Dreams

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Explore how communication, resonance of the heart is revealed in dreams. The conversation conveyed through the dreamtime with relatives of the past and those who are yet to be born as our breath pulsates with the song of the trees sing a song of stability. Learn the importance of the trees – understanding that trees are the antenna of the Earth and the living creature’s songs, when you think you are out of tune, tuning is restored through walking in the forest and/or sitting by a tree.

Tuesday, November 17
Gratitude for all those who have pointed the way

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Offer Gratitude to those who have been kind and even those who have been unkind. From this we recognize the power to choose the words and views that we energize. Each one may take off the cloak of projection and ideation and experience the natural being that we are. Express Gratitude for one’s experience as revelation of heart mind’s ability to generate a world of beauty.

Tuesday, December 15

Stories of the Heroes & Heroines

10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

We are the ones that we have been awaiting and we choose the story. There is no one coming to rescue us, we hold on to the threads of truth and weave a world of beauty together. We are the heroes we’ve looked for, we are the heroines we’ve called for. The courageous wisdom being steps forth for the benefit of all, right now.

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