Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Nourishing and Growing Your Vision -

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo
with Reverend Jennifer Hadley

Opening Prayer

Rev. Jennifer I invite everyone to just take a breath of gratitude with me and, if you feel comfortable, place your hand on your heart. And take another breath of gratitude as we consciously remember that we are united in a field of love.

And we’re opening our hearts and minds to divine wisdom pouring forth. We’re so grateful and so thankful right now to consciously connect and commune with the truth, with the field of pure wisdom.

What I know is that Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is that clear ringing bell, that she is truly the voice of wisdom, and we are grateful to open our hearts and minds to receive the insight, the clear insight and wisdom

What I know is that we share the benefits of our healing and our expansion with everyone. In grace and in gratitude, we joyfully let it be, and so it is. Amen.

Venerable May the seed of wisdom in each person who is listening to this conversation in the present, or those who will hear it in the future, may that seed of wisdom flourish and grow. May understanding of your natural luminosity be revealed. And may you recall that you, yourself, have a direct connection with the past, present and future. And together with word and action, we all together are contributing to what appears as tomorrow.

Significance of Music

In this moment, make a connection with that seed of awakened being, that future self that perhaps you are moving towards, recognize that seed within. We’ll speak a bit tonight about the significance of music and how the overtone series and the harmonic progression of sound, even as expressed by Pythagoras and, particularly with Hildegard von Bingen, how understanding of musical harmony is a key to understanding our mind’s ability to interface with the field of energy.

Each one of us we are a certain note, a certain song, determined by the time and place of birth. And yet we have not left or separated from the first sound, the first voice. Is there beginning? Is there an end?

Some would say the first sound is a reverberation, first expanding out then quietly turning in. A large cosmological expression of sound, of light and a revelation of the mind and the field of mind in which we live, fluttering tapestries in the wind, are an example of the movement of our mind’s potential.

Yet, we haven’t gone anywhere. We are continuously connected with that natural awakened state. People call it mysterious, mystery, God, mind, Buddha. Whatever we name that essence or that potential, we are only describing not fully expressing.

That seed of awakened wisdom mind is within each of us. And Hildegard von Bingen was a mystic who was very deeply touched by awareness of the interconnection of sounds and matter, of spirit, mind and matter.

And she created wonderful music that you can download or purchase today. And you can also read about her recipes for healing. She was able to bring forth these wondrous sounds and these recipes for healing, because she directly connected with the seed of wisdom in her heart.

What is significant, is the understanding that the power of sounds, the order of words, particularly the harmony, so when you consider the first sound and then the third, and the fourth or fifth in terms of the scale of music, you understand voices and you can even hear subtle voices or potentials arising between the harmonies of the first note, the third and the fifth.

“… music in the key of D.”

The scale of music that I invite you to contemplate and later to listen to, is music in the key of D. Music in the key of D by many is considered the music of heaven because it returns to itself. It is a circle. It circles the fifth, does again return to itself.

The hallelujah, the joy that arises from our moment of direct perception, is in harmony with the first sound that many may call the voice or the logos of mind. Our own mind and voice resonates with that original sound when we are moving with ease and remember our natural state.

When getting busy and taking the appearances of the world as more significant than the relationship of the heart, then that natural harmony becomes distorted and people will experience discomfort and/or disease.

So a human being, at any moment with the words of forgiveness and making amends and willingness to return to the path of right relationship, can restore that direct connection within. Each one is a sovereign spiritual being with a direct connection.

And what may obscure that connection may be the dissonance of conditioned view, believing that one is separate, or the ignorance of forgetting that there is a matrix, an energy field of consciousness in which we live. And this field is a projection of mind.

And how much do we project? In a sense it is like an overtone. So when we hear the note D on a stringed instrument, many overtones arise, continuing beyond even our hearing and our certainty or uncertainty, also like ripples in the pond, moves through the field of mind shaping the appearance of what we have believed.

So when people believe that those limit, the perception may be limited, yet the universe is not. And our ability to perceive the fluidity of the field of mind is only impeded by the limitation of view.

In Buddhism there is the importance of pacifying the conflict dual thoughts that separate one from that natural state. That natural state is inside each of us and it is through wanting and not wanting, holding on too tightly, and having aversion and believing that our self exists separately, that makes for confusion and distortion of the sound.

Hildegard von Bingen, as a Christian mystic, experienced the shattering of her concept of “I”, first receivers and then the ability to see beyond the veil continued, and also to hear within the resonance of the universe.

So that where there was the dissonance of an organ system, a remedy could be applied to calm the body/mind, and heal the appearance of dissonance based on the harmony of plants and the mixture of plants, to produce harmonic resolution in the body/mind of the person who was suffering.

“… the most potent remedy is the sound that affirms yes, we are wondrous human beings.”

So, the universe and all that it is offers many remedies. And why are remedies called for? Because one may forget the natural wisdom state, and also the remedies are there. The most potent remedy is the sound that affirms, yes, we are wondrous human beings. We have the gift of human life and we dedicate ourselves to actualizing that wisdom potential within, and also transforming our own experience of ignorance, our own experience of sorrow.

Like many mystics, Hildegard von Bingen experienced her visions. She swung from great joy to utter sorrow. Joy in the exultation of the perfect harmony of the universe, and sorrow in the dissonance created by unkind words and deed.

This is part of the human condition. Each of us have experienced moments of great joy, and then shock at the arising appearances of ignorance where one may sense dislike for another, or aversion, or even hatred for another.

When seeing those thoughts arise we can understand such thought forms as an energy tone. And as such, energy tones seek resolution in this great orchestra of our earth life. The three dimensional world is also a fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth dimensional world.

Wherever our ears may hear, the potential of the overtone is the beginning of our understanding of multidimensionality. So, the medicine of analysis and what do we analyze? We analyze how we are blessed. What have we received? We receive the gift of air. The gift of air, it supports the breath, the sound, the mind and the physical ability to experience the world.

And what do our senses reveal to us? Pleasure, not pleasure, also we make decisions about what is pleasurable, not pleasurable, what is good, what is not good. And there is also an awareness of what is true and what is right, and what is not right.

When we adjust our voice to speak words of kindness and also to offer apology where needed, and offer praise, then there is a resonance within our own body/mind with the ideal that we may have an awakened, loving being.

The symbol, whatever is your religion of origin as this is quite a large group, there is an ideal of right action, an ideal of being a spiritual being. A spiritual being is not necessarily like a religious being. Spiritual is your mindfulness of your connection with the universe, and your listening to the sacred sound, and your awareness that the sound vibration connects us all within this field we call life on earth.

Also what we call life on earth, also the overtones and the movement of sound, gives way for those who have moved from one dimension to another do sometimes speak or share their knowledge from the past, and even the future.

When we think of knowledge coming from the future, it is an opportunity to consider our future awakened state. In the truth, the past, the present and the future are occurring right now. So when we consider and contemplate the ideal of an awakened human being, a community of good feeling, a community of loving kindness and balance with the environment, by considering that we plant the seeds for it, and also we study and train ourselves to live it.

So, what do we study? According to our nature we study different systems and, ultimately, we transform our hearts so that the illusion of separation falls away and we see more clearly how we are all united.

Calendars, particularly the Mayan Calendar, is also about overtones of time. And in this moment we set the field for tomorrow. There was a very special Navajo chief and we were part of a part of a spiritual council, [unintelligible] who’s now moved on. And he felt it was so important to consider how we plant seeds of a good relationship for the next 500 years, for thousands of years.

“… and we align ourselves with that natural wisdom.”

The cycle that we are entering is a cycle of opportunity to begin again, what to reenergize. As our solar system aligns with the dark rift in the heart of our galaxy, also we can recall the very field of wisdom and we align ourselves with that natural wisdom.

So, what looks like outside the great galaxies, the dance also continues within us. For example, there are meditations that we share where we consider at the heart center on a horizontal plane, there are spiraling galaxies clockwise and counterclockwise.

And in the center of those spiraling galaxies is like an empty space, and then appearing in that empty space across four winds giving rise to potential. So, the dance of the galaxies’ creation is also a dance within us.

You may ask, “Well, what does that mean in terms of feeding my family, paying the mortgage?” What it means is that we are continually co-creating. And when we observe the potential within our heart/mind to generate compassion, abundance and circles that is communities of good relationship, then we see the abundance that is there and we manifest it.

Because in truth, things arise as projections from our heart/mind, and how we understand earth and sky is also a projection of mind. In the past, people had a projected view of a flat earth that has expanded to the awareness of a spherical earth. Now there arises the awareness of multiple dimensions, layers of consciousness, that coexist like bubbles, one within the other.

Through considering overtone theory of music, we can gain insight into how we are connected in these multiple realms, and that they are not necessarily outside of us. So the question becomes, who is the dreamer and whose dream is it?

When you’re dealing with traffic on the freeway or the highway, that question is far from your mind when you want to get home and put food on the table. Yet as we’re driving along the highway, as we are conducting business at the supermarket, we have the potential to energize wisdom and abundance.

Just by looking into the eye of the person who gives you change and saying “Thank you,” you are energizing the potential for us, as human beings, to create systems of balance. Saying, “Thank you,” makes no debt. Understanding from where all that we receive comes, and giving thanks to each of those people who brought it forward, produced it, grew it, shaped it also enriches the potential for that circle to share more.

It’s like a co-op. When we buy food together we get to know each other, and we have a closer relationship with the farmers, and we can say, “Thank you,” to them. They receive more of what they need, that we may receive more of what we need.

Cooperation and respect are also part of thank you. And as you extend that thank you beyond the persons, we realize there is an infinite field of energy from whence things come. According to religious view, it is named. It is beyond named, yet we can say, “Thank you.”

What is the first sound? We heard of the logos, the source sound, the source light and, in the beginning, there was darkness and then there was light sound. Let there be light. From the field of potential, from the ocean of still awareness, gentle ripples arose and these ripples become the songs and the stories of worlds arising, and the songs and the stories of our lives.

So, it is wise to remember our ability, as spiritually sovereign people, to energize results that are healthy, because this energy that flows to us from the overtones of our awareness, shakes away our concepts and reveals greater potential to accomplish now.

And so it is wise to train our speech that we allow limitation to fall into understanding of skill. So, where there appear limitations, what is the arising tone of skillful resolution? We’re in a time of great change, nothing to fear.

Fear locks up the brain and the heart. The wise person understands that there is a dance going on and that we listen for the fine tune. We listen for the original tone and allow ourselves to be in harmony with that

“… into the energy of cooperation and compassion.”

There are principles of ethical behavior, moral behavior speaking through living as close, and completely aligned, with our spiritual ideal that which we aspire to. So, by holding ourselves close to this ideal, we energize in the field the resolution of dissonant behavior into the energy of cooperation and compassion.

Each of us is a tuning fork, and just as Hildegard von Bingen in some of her experiences, has described the sorrow between falling in the moments of ignorant reactive states, to the joy of the expanded awareness of things as they are, we too can be mindful of when you and as speech slips away into confusion, “Ah, so forgetting my speech brings results. I make corrections. I speak more clearly. I energize with speech and action the wisdom potential in all those I meet.”

Each of us, when we see forgetfulness, let us consider again that ideal of awakened being, “Ah, yes. This I resolve to express, and may even the ignorance of hatred, may it reveal the other side of love and discriminating awareness.”

So this is an extraordinary time to be alive. And what we are thinking about and how we respond to the changes, impacts. You’ll energize the thoughts. And some people might say what you worry about is really giving energy to what you don’t want.

In this time the earth and our consciousness are expanding. How is the earth expanding? It’s literally from the quickened energy coming from the sun, new types of neutrinos moving towards the heart of our planet and expanding, changing the song, expanding our view.

And it is wise that we allow our view to expand beyond the idea of limitations, and to see the ways in which we can cooperate, and also to simplify what is it that’s really important, what’s the real treasure? In a flash, a house can tumble down or you can be called to move somewhere else. Your favorite book or your favorite this or that, in a flash, can disappear.

And what do you really have? You basically have the treasure of good relationships. These are the jewels, good relationships, we have with others that expand our understanding and also become a pathway to assist one another.

Service projects are important. In the Cherokee teachings of the peacemaker, when we study, we also must make offerings that those elders who have supported the understanding in each of us, that their lives be well too.

Whether it is getting them the medicine they need, or to the doctor, or even rebuilding a home, this is our way of saying, “Thank you,” and also it brings forth greater wisdom, not that the object has made someone available, not that the offering has made someone available. The offering has acknowledged the stream of wisdom that flows through that person, and others also come and share their wisdom.

And some of the significant skill sets for us now are knowing how to grow our own food, how to simplify our lives, that we have connection with the land and with one another. Where are we going? We are there now so how we are teaching and caring for one another in this moment is very important.

Recently a Mayan elder sent a message out reminding people to think of loving kindness, to be caring with each other and care for the land, share food. There is nothing to wait for and there is nothing to fear.

In truth we are already resonating with the fifth tone and in the fifth world. So, let us with ease and grace, relax into the open space of natural awareness. So, that is the discourse for now.

Homework – Hildegard von Bingen

And a bit of homework, I invite you to read a bit about Hildegard von Bingen. You can Google or And also to look at the life of Yeshi Tsogyal who was a remarkable female teacher and mystic who preserved the teachings of Guru Padmasambhava, so the life and teachings of Yeshi Tsogyal and teachings to the Dakini are Padmasambhava to Yeshi Tsogyal and others.

And there’s also a wonderful text it is about the elegant universe. It is a text by a young physicist and it will… It’s very beautifully written and it shows, from a scientific point of view, many of the thoughts and experiences of a mystic. So that’s the homework. And I will take questions now.

Shan Hi, Venerable, this is Shan.

Venerable Hello, Shan.

Shan Hello. I thought if it’s appropriate, you would share a little bit about the healing quality for individuals and families and communities and nations on the birth path song.

Birth Path Song

Venerable Oh, yes. When a human being is born there is a particular tone that you can determine based similar to the theory of numbers by Pythagoras, based upon the scale. You generally begin with the C scale and then you can move through different scales. So for a human being, their birthday, the day becomes an interval. The month becomes an interval. The year is an interval and each interval is reduced to a single number. So, if it’s the 23rd it’s reduced to 5. And if the day is 3, that’s easy. It’s a note E and 5 is G. And then you say the year of the person. So, you would add together say 1983 so that would be 3. Then you add those notes together and you get intervals.

What is significant about the birth path songs, is that you re-tune the body/mind. And for many people who suffered from even critical diseases, by playing a stringed instrument, particularly like a large folk harp and placing it on the sternum, playing the birth path song repeatedly and chanting those notes over and over and then building on them, has brought people to harmony and health again.

Now we also apply the birth path music to communities. When did a community form? When did a nation form? When did a state form? And so it is thought that by playing the birth path, say of the naming of California as a state, that one may energize the potential for harmony and healing for that state.

And then there is a level of practice that goes with the harmony of the songs that is a spiritual practice where you connect with the pulse of the earth, the atmosphere of the state, the consciousness of the people who are drawn there, and the wisdom light in each of them, or some would say, the divine in each of them.

And the cascading energies that come from the sun and the heart of the galaxy, and so by making connection with these aspects of our shared dreams, we can ameliorate what is dissonant and make more apparent the pathways of resolution. So first the healing can be applied to stabilizing the earth. And so there are practices with mind, mantra, crystal where the dissonance or the harmonics of the earth are softened in amplitude or transformed into more subtle movement like rainmakers.

And there is also the understanding of a time, an estimated time of when mind consciousness of people manifested on earth, and this also can be a date. At this point it is more understandable and easy to recognize the harmonic resonance by the date of a community or a state or a country forming. And repetition of those notes and expansion upon them actually become healing for the people within that environment.

Also, for families we can take the birth path songs of each family member, and I do believe we have it on site for someone, or it’s in Voices Of Our Ancestors, how to determine the birth path song. And we can take each family member, determine their birth path song and play these songs first separately. Look at the common notes that are within each family member’s birth path and play them continuously, first chanting the notes and playing even one note at a time on the keyboard. It doesn’t require a great musician. It is just the understanding of the tone and the repetition of the tones that becomes the revelation of the natural harmony within the situation. Is this clear?

Shan Yes, thank you.

Venerable Are there any other questions?

Barry Hello, this is Barry.

Venerable Hello, Barry.

Barry It’s wonderful to hear. There seems to be a very long thread, and hearing it sort of in the context of music but not exactly, you began by speaking of the rhythm that we all go through, that there can be joy and then other things show up that seem to be not joy. And you talked throughout about being aware and experiencing the abundance and the gratitude and relation and offering to acknowledge the stream of wisdom that flows.

Venerable Yes.

Barry I guess the question I have is, that the experience is stronger hearing you, and there are times that I experience this, or I try to bring it to others, and it’s almost as if I have to be content with knowing that that’s the best one can do and maintain the form of holding hope and enjoying it.

“We do not hope or wish. We apply the science of mind in our own conscious field…”

Venerable Yes, to maintain the awareness that as human beings we have the potential to accomplish living in harmony and cooperation, it is not about hope because when we take tantric vows we give up hope. We do not hope or wish. We apply the science of mind in our own conscious field to transforming those energy patterns that cause suffering. And as such, each one becomes a tuning fork and becomes more skillful in method and thus may express the bodhisattva ideals. Yeah, we don’t have so much to do as we have to be.

Barry So ,the overtones, sort of is by analogy to music but it’s also music.

Venerable Yes, and it’s also chemistry because the same principles of form arising as expressed through musical harmonics as described by Pythagoras, and even into twelve tone harmonies of more modern explorers, also reveal the same patterns as atoms, galaxies forming.

So, the opportunity for each human being is to energize that awakened nature, thus in a sense the bodhisattva is a warrior upon illusion and attachment. And as such may cut through the fog that everyone may see, because ultimately there is not another you or I. Ultimately we recall that all has arisen from the field.

Barry Well, it’s a great practice. Thank you.

Venerable You’re welcome.

Elaine This is Elaine in Bellingham, and I am wondering. When working with children who are young and having a hard time being in their bodies and paying attention to their bodies, and there’s lots of them, what is the best kind of music or, like you mentioned in the B scale is beneficial, is there something specific that will help center and calm them?

Venerable There’s music of Handel and Gregorian chants and also simple strings. And I said the key of D as in David.

Elaine Oh, okay it’s D.

Venerable B is exciting. A different result will arise. And also it’s to see the awakened wisdom in each child. So much of a sensitive person’s expression is based on the reaction to others’ projections.

Elaine Can you say that one more time, please?

Venerable Much of the sensitive person’s actions, especially at a young age, is response to others’ projections. So you want to address the wellness, the ability, the wisdom of each young person because the more one addresses an idea of lack, the more it is created.

Here’s the simple analogy. When you start to tune the guitar and the piano begins to sing, that same principle of resonance coupling also impacts one another. We are empathetic whether we choose to be or not is natural as living beings.

Children feel what adults think and energize the vision of their wisdom and skill, that it is there within them and that it is rising.

Elaine Okay, thank you so much.

Venerable You’re welcome.

Rev. Jennifer Venerable, it’s Jennifer. I have always loved music and appreciated music and felt that it was so nourishing to me. And as you’ve been speaking I’ve been remembering that when I was a teenager I listened to a lot of sad, sad music. I can remember as I’m thinking back, feeling back that I enjoyed resonating with that sad music and feeling sad. And sometimes I point out to the folks in my classes for them to notice, are they attracted to angry songs, sad songs, songs with lyrics about being treated badly or misunderstood. Can you speak to all of these things in a way that can help us become aware when we become attracted to it?

Venerable Yes, the lyrics are sung. They are taken in. Our subconscious mind basically is absorbing it all. So when the lyrics of the song are exposing suffering and loss, that is connecting and energizing with suffering and loss and, in a sense, making that energy of suffering and loss larger.

And for many people to get in touch with their own sense of suffering and loss, certain music opens the gate. There are some psychologists, I think it was Jung, who pointed out about the flatted fifth and the flatted seventh of jazz and rock and roll, they actually unlocked emotion.

We are still the discerning individuals and we hear the words and we make a choice. Okay, I’m resonating with those words and thoughts and now I see and bring it to resolution, not to get stuck in the sound.

Because there are some sounds like wonder is for exercise in the morning. They really get you going. And many songs may be about love or just the joy of moving. And songs of loss for some people become the opening of the door to emotion.

“… listen to many varieties and take note of the words…”


What is significant is not to become too attached to one type of music, to listen to many varieties and take note of the words because our subconscious does, indeed, take in the words, especially when you sing along.

Shan I was wondering. Several months ago in this class, people were asking questions about mantra and how mantra works, and I tried answering that as good as I could. But I thought maybe you would be so kind as to offer some more wisdom on that.

Venerable Mantra is the remedy for confusion. Guru Padmasambhava promised that in times of confusion and poison, his mantra would be an antidote. Mantra sound literally restores the equilibrium and the equanimity of body/mind awareness that one may perceive things as they are.

So a mantra in Buddhism is a particular phrase and for Guru Padmasambhava it is, Oṃ Āḥ Hūṃ Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hūṃ. And the sounds they are repeated, and repeated continuously begin to shake away the dust and the confusion of conceptual thought.

Just as there are scars formed in the physical body and they may be experienced when taking someone’s pulses via acupuncture technique, there are also concepts, views that become stored in the subtle energy pathways of the body that, like dust on a mirror, obscure the open flow of wisdom.

And so the mantras, in some instances when one practices with great energy, literally sweep away the concepts of confusion and make or leave bare the mirror of clear projection.

So mantras become an antidote to certain thought forms which, like dust bunnies, become sticky and cohesive and wish to maintain themselves by collecting more of like thought. So mantra literally shakes such concepts apart, revealing the non-substantiality.

I once had a friend, a great Korean teacher, and we used to meet at his center. Our community would meet at the Zen Center in Providence. And he would say if someone chanted Coca Cola with devotion, they would also attain understanding.

So it is the focus of the mind, the breath and the thought so that distractions do not carry you away. I am more certain that mantras that are based on sacred tones which are found in every language, have great efficacy in terms of turning the mind from a confused state.

So at first level mantra is okay, if you are fearful, your attention is the mantra, less attention on fear. And then the mantra, like a broom, sweeps away and then allows the light of awareness to illuminate the root causes of one’s fear and then to see in terms of family, clan and nation the pathways of resolution.

The only thing ahuman really fears are loud noises and falling down, and all other things are made up by our mind and/or expectation. Yet people get frozen in a circle of repetitive action due to some apprehension.

And the wise practitioner with mantra can first replace the apprehension with a sound of transformation, and then ultimately see the transformation, of that which was apprehensive, revealing that potential of skillful resolution.

For example, many people right now are really concerned about their livelihood, and the concept of a job which is just over broke is really passing out of phase. It becomes more small businesses, people to people, cooperation and cooperative.

And making that transition in consciousness is obtained, “I have a job. I work for this company. I am part of this corporation,” to the realization, “I am creating work in a circle of energy and offering services for people over here.”

So that’s an example of transforming idea of limit to awareness of abundance. So what does this have to do with mantra? Basically your mind’s background chatter is shaping your life. And so the mantra becomes an opportunity to quiet and make apparent what that background chatter is so that one may see and analyze, “Well that’s not real. What is real?” This we choose to energize.

Then on another level at which mantra works is a physiological transformation. When one is one pointed in the chanting of particular mantras and placing certain tones in their body in different places, then harmony is restored in the body. And the subtle nervous system, the autonomous nervous system, becomes more expressive of your natural balance.

Then as one continues with mantra, “Now with dedication I wish to truly experience, realize awakened mind,” then the mantra becomes a roto rooter removing those habitual, conditioned thoughts that you carried for generations, lifetimes.

Then mantra becomes an elixir that melts away illusion and you see things as they are. So mantra is a powerful medicine. First it works at the level of replacing, then purifying, then transforming and revealing that one is not separate from the awakened state. And the actualization only occurs when you are dedicated to actualizing that wisdom potential and benefiting others.

If you think, “I want to understand and know it all for myself alone,” you have some understanding. But the complete realization only comes when you consider every being as your relative and that your activities may also benefit them.

And getting back to being ,as you practice and dedicate then your being also is like a tuning fork in the field of consciousness, and others can recall their awakened state. And your skillful methods are your speech and action inviting people to come and take a look.

Shan I love it. Thank you so much.

Venerable You’re welcome.

Rev. Jennifer I think we’re at time, Venerable.

Venerable Well, this has been a pleasure, Jennifer. These conversations are great and it is wonderful we have the opportunity to connect through the ethers and the electrons. And let us recall that we may connect directly through the heart.

May our time together reveal wisdom and joy and may the seed of wisdom mind, Buddha mind may awaken in every being. And where there is the sound of crying, may there arise sounds of jubilation. Where there are refugees wandering, may they find sanctuary. Where there are children alone and hungry, may they receive food and care. Where there is the sound of war, may there arise the sounds of skillful mediations. Let there be peace in our hearts and all around.


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