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2017 One-on-One Mentoring with VDY -

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Mentoring Program with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. Program begins February 2018. For more information, please email:

Are you interested in receiving personalized guidance and life coaching to greater benefit yourself, your family, and the world in these changing times?

Venerable Dhyani is selecting a group of ten (10) people to work closely with, in a very special One-on-One Mentoring Program. The 5 and 10-month programs include private coaching sessions, intimate small group classes with fellow mentees, personalized study materials and free access to selected in-person events with Venerable. Read what people are saying about their experience in the mentoring program:

“My aspiration is for ascension, awakening and enlightenment and it is a tremendous benefit to me to have a mentor who is far ahead of me on that path. Working with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo shines a great light upon my journey to help me see, know and feel more clearly the fastest path to my Joy-FULL steps along the journey. I feel blessed by my experience in her beautiful mentorship program!”
~ Jennifer, Minister & CEO of Power of Love Ministry

In this human life we are gifted precious opportunities for growth. About 6 months ago, I felt an inner calling to work with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. At the time I felt the calling to work with her, it was unclear who this person was, yet, I could feel a calling to dive much deeper into the self to purify and pacify. Through a series of signposts and strong guidance, I was led to this precious opportunity to do individual mentoring with Venerable Dhyani. What has unfolded (within only a few months) has been not only life changing on the outer, but deeply soul transforming. Working as a teacher and a therapist, I have experienced many trainings, and had many teachers and helpers along the way. Yet never before have I had this profound support and this clear mirror of truth that I have found in working with Venerable Dhyani. Much of the work is beyond words. Much of it is deeply personal, and much of it is about becoming whole within. Dissolving the rocks of blocked energy where the inner demons dwell, with courage and love, thus finding the gems of wisdom and truth that have always been there, waiting to be discovered. 

The goals I set at the beginning of this mentorship seemed unattainable at the time, as though they would have taken many years to even begin to reach. Now only a few months into this work they are opening up like petals of a flower, eagerly bursting out to show their colors and soak joyously in beautiful rays of the sunshine.

The support from Venerable Dhyani has opened the door for me to step more fully into teaching and offering the gifts I have to share with the world. The work with the practitioners I support has been reawakened and newly inspired. Through this experience I am relearning, and literally re-membering the strength of my whole being. I am a discerning, sacred wise woman; a holy child, with spirit moving freely through me, led from a heart center, where all life flows! Inner shifts leading to outer changes, spontaneously meeting my partner. Recognizing in him the freedom of his whole vibrant heart, as a mirror of my own, and entering into a partnership, a journey, an exploration in love far beyond what I had ever dreamed possible. It is beyond grace. I have so much respect and gratitude for this precious opportunity, for Venerable Dhyani’s gift of presence and spirit and service to help individuals grow into the clear light of truth and love that we all are. Energizing what is good, energizing joy and peace.”

~ Allison, Psychologist and Life Coach

One-on-one mentoring is a life-changing experience, nurturing your wisdom potential, expanding and deepening skill and practical application of spiritual insights to further benefit yourself, family, communities and world. 



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