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2012: Your Gateway to Greater Awareness

Renew, Consider & Energize the Future You Wish to Actualize

Together we observe 2012 as the completion of one cycle and the opening gateway of expanded awareness, manifestation and accomplishment. In 2012 what becomes apparent is that both science and the observer will see the direct impact of our thought and speech almost as if in a flash!

In this 2 part tele-class, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo assists us in gaining insight into the opportunity that is before us right now so that we can make the most of it and bring benefit to all. Calling us to see that all appearances arise from the field of mind and the state of our consciousness has within the seed of wisdom.

In this two-part series, Ven. Dhyani offers:

  • how you can peel away the veils of illusion fall away and directly touch and experience the wisdom of the heart for yourself
  • experiments to recognize that mind and matter are inseparable
  • methods that reveal the natural luminosity of each persons potential to express loving awakened action so that you can create the life
  • tools to identify the belief systems and patterns that inhibit the seed of light within
  • ways to sweep away those mind constructions so that you no longer collude with thought forms of ignorance
  • practices for mind nourishment

When your mind is in harmony with the pulse beat of the universe then even one’s DNA is renewed and you recognize the power of your thought and speech in shaping the future.

Recognizing the year 2012 as opening the gateway to a greater cycle of understanding and awareness, Ven. Dhyani shares what this can mean for us individually and collectively.

The year 2012 and the next 52 years of this cycle are an open moment for humanity, individuals, families, clans and nations’ rebirth.

Together in this wisdom teaching we are taking a look at current valuable findings in consciousness and gaining greater insight into their meaning. Examining recent experiments, we test the reality of our mind interfacing with matter.

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo
At this moment in time you have a sacred opportunity and calling to renew, consider & energize the future YOU wish to actualize.

Two Saturdays
Saturday, Feb. 18th
Saturday, March 10

90 minutes each class

8am Pacific
10am Central
11am Eastern
4pm UK
5pm Germany


Registration includes:  audio mp3 download & transcript of this two-part wisdom-teaching.  You can participate on-line or on the phone.  You can also participate by Skype.

There will be a Q & A period with Venerable in each class where you can ask questions on line or on the phone about this important time in human history!

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