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1.11 New Beginnings: New Year’s Intention Class and Q&A

Friday, Jan.11, 2019

10am Pacific/1pm Eastern



February – December 2019

Recognizing the Luminous Potential of Mind

A monthly online series of discussions exploring transforming ‘Dominion Over.’ Happening on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

First class begins Feb. 19th!
10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Transform the ignorance of ‘dominion over’ to realization of our interdependence and the power of choice. Sweep away the dust upon the mirror of the mind that we no longer add to the causes of suffering. Explore the cooperative potential of people working together.



June / July

Annual Beautyway Summer Seminar

Friday, June 28 – Wednesday, July 3

A rare opportunity to explore multi-dimensional teachings with Venerable Dhyani in an intimate group setting. These teachings are suitable for everyone, and are energized by Native American and Buddhist view.

Participate in person at the beautiful Sunray Peace Village or via video livestream from the comfort of your home. Camping is available on site.

Stay tuned for more details.



Empathy: A Course for Empaths and Sensitive People

A three part class series for sensitive people who feel the world. Let the magic and resonance of waters renew you.

Sunday’s @ 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.

    Free Intro & Info Session: Sept. 15

  • Session #1: Sept. 22
  • Session #2: Sept. 29
  • Session #3: Oct. 6

Stay tuned for more details.



One-on-One Mentoring Program

For more info and to apply, email:



Crystal Teachings – Dates TBD


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