Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Upcoming Events -

Feb. 20, 1pm Eastern

Masterful Accomplishment Wisdom in Action online monthly class series begins:

Exploring Sacred Geometry & the Seasonal Cycles

*For more info: 2018 Masterful Accomplishment Class Series

*March 30-April 2:

VDY Teachings in Germany:

The Interdependence of Existence

*Questions concerning registration/organization :
Sabine Bontemps
T: +49 (0)170-2917952 (after 5 pm)

*Questions concerning seminar:
Angelika Salberg
T: +49 (0)5641/745404

April 5-6:

Teachings in Warsaw, Poland

April 8:

Teachings in Ko-chana, Poland:

Blessing for the Children and Public talk

Questions concerning Poland teachings, email:

April 28-29:

Teachings from the Copper Scrolls with David Lonebear Sanipass, Sunray Peace village

David Lonebear Sanipass is a Storyteller from the Mi’kmaq Nation. He
grew up in Northern Maine, where he lived on a mountain protecting and
learning to translate sacred scripts. He brings forth the ancient
teachings in these Copper Scrolls by translating them to be understood
in this world.

David has been traveling and teaching for the past 42 years looking
for people and communities that find a familiarity with the vibration
of these teachings.

This gathering will be two days of teaching and exploration. David
will cover the Origins of the Star Teachings, the Copper Scrolls, and
the community of those gathered will work together to translate even
more of the Copper Scrolls.

May 5-6

White Tara Empowerment with Lama Sonam,

Sunray Peace village

May 26-27

Spring Peacekeeper Teachings,

Sunray Peace village

June 30 – July 4:

Beautyway Summer Seminar,

Sunray Peace village

For more info:

July 20-22:

Summer Gadugis,

Sunray Peace village

July 27-29:

Sunray Elders Gathering,

Sunray Peace village

Aug. 11-13:

43rd Annual SSF-IIIHS International Science & Spirituality Summit:

Living the Divine Potential

Montreal, Canada

Oct. 6-7:

Fall Peacekeeper Teachings,

Sunray Peace village

Nov. 1st,

6pm Eastern:

Talk at Lesley University,

Boston, MA

Please consult our calendar for Venerable’s full schedule of workshops, events, and tele-classes. Please contact us for more information.

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