Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

A Special 2017 Intention Class with Venerable Dhyani

2017 is considered a 1 year in numerology and according to the Lunar Calendar, it is a Fire Bird (Rooster) Year. This year, let us be mindful of our thoughts and choose carefully our beliefs; to examine them, to know rather than to accept, to recognize rather than assume. That is the great opportunity of moving through a one year. A fire year is one of intensity. It is the fire year of the rooster, meaning that the one who crows as the dawn arises also reveals the opportunity to come correct. What is it to come correct? It is to resonate with the song of creation.

Themes that will be explored include:

Nurturing the wisdom potential within one’s life and relationships

Observing conflict as opportunity

Flowing along the threads of accomplishments

If you were not able to attend live ~ register and receive the audio .mp3 and beautifully crafted transcript for review at anytime.

Fee for this special class is 33.00.



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