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Are you a thought leader in your field, interested in receiving personalized guidance and life coaching to greater benefit yourself, your family, communities and the world in these changing times?

Venerable Dhyani is selecting 12 people to work closely with in a special One-on-One Mentoring Program. The 10-month program begins in February 2017 and includes private coaching sessions, intimate small group classes with fellow mentees, personalized study materials and free access to selected in-person events with Venerable. This is sure to be a life-changing experience, nurturing your

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A Special 2017 Intention Class with Venerable Dhyani

2017 is considered a 1 year in numerology and according to the Lunar Calendar, it is a Fire Bird (Rooster) Year. This year, let us be mindful of our thoughts and choose carefully our beliefs; to examine them, to know rather than to accept, to recognize rather than assume. That is the great opportunity of moving

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